Award winning Toronto Printing Company Welch & Quest

Award winning Toronto Printing Company Welch & Quest

Award winning Toronto Printing Company

Award winning printing Company Welch & Quest Ltd.  Well we have done it again.  This year we won two awards from the Ontario Printing & Imaging Association and one award from the Printing Idustries of America down in the states.  Considering we decieded to only submit two pieces this is a fantastic reward.  We have always tried to make sure that every job is finished to 100% perfection and have prided ourselves with this for over 100 years now.  Anyone can put ink on paper but making sure it is done right the first time and at a reasonable rate is not easy.  This has always set us apart from other printers in our industry.  We have won numerous awards over the years but it never gets tiring going to the award diner and being called up on stage to accept the award for excellence in printing.  We are a small company compared to some of the other guys in the Toronto area but we are very careful about who we hire and how we run our jobs.  If it is 50 business cards or 50,000 books we will always take the extra time to go over every piece that is involved.  It is so easy to make a mistake when you start taking things for granted or not paying complete attention to the job at hand.  These awards are not taken for granted or handed to just anyone.  There are 1000’s of pieces submitted each year and only the best of the best is picked.  Each of our team members know their role inside and out and this makes for a flawless tranisiton from client file to printed piece and we and you should feel happy about.  With 100 years experience backing us up we know what to look out for and how to solve problems before they become major issues.  In the very rare instance that we do make a mistake we will always reprint the job and make sure that everyone is happy at the end of the day.  We have had clients stay with us of over 40 years and this is because we believe in retaining a long term relationship over a quick buck.  The life of printing has been every changing since we started and it will continue to changes in the future but our goal to keep all of our clients happy is something that will never change.


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