The Importance of Overs

The Importance of Overs

overs for mailing

The importance of overs.

With any printing job and especially mailings it is important to run overs or more pieces than you think you need.   The unit cost of a job drops as you order more pieces and this is especially true when it comes to jobs being run on a offset press.  For a couple more dollars we can run and extra couple hundred of pieces and you now have the piece of mind that no matter what you will not run short.  When we work on mailings we always need more pieces than the actual mailing list calls for.  When addressing we make sure every address is 100% ledgible for Canada Post and will toss in the recycling bin any address that looks suspect and we will reprint the address.  When collating and stuffing we use automated machine’s for most jobs and it is not uncommon to have a jam on the machine where by several pieces can be ruined and have to be recycled.  As long as we have been supplied overs for each piece involved in the mailing we are good.  It is significantly more expensive and time consuming to find out at the end of a mailing that we are 75 pieces short and have to go back on press in order to get the whole mailing list out.  In some cases we have run a sort with Canada Post for admail or publication mail and this has an expiry date where if we do not meet the date than the list is voided and we have to run the sort and addressing all over again at an additional cost.  All of this pain can be relieved by supplying what the mailing list requires along with a couple hundred extra pieces.  The job may run fine with zero hiccups but why take that chance with your material especially if there is a hard date that you need everything in the mail, hence the importance of overs.  We have a job in right now that ran 200 envelopes short on a fulfilment of 23,000.  Luckily this was a Purolator shipped job and only 2 locations got put on hold while the other 151 locations we were able to ship out on time.  In this case our client had a third party ship us preprinted envelopes and they shorted us on the total order.  This time it was only a 2 day delay for the last locations but had it been a proper mailing it could have been much worse.

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